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In Kids Yoga children explore the art of yoga in a fun-loving environment while discovering more about themselves each and every time they step on their mat. While integrating all aspects of yoga into an imaginative, creative journey children gain a sense of harmony, balance, and self respect. They will increase strength and improve flexibility all while having a blast!

What are the benefits of yoga for kids?

Yoga for kids:

• Builds self-esteem and teaches self-respect.

• Refines fine & gross motor skills.

• Increases awareness of one’s impact on others and environment.

• Develops and improves emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

• Promotes cooperation in a group while working in a non-competitive, non-judgemental atmosphere.

• Increases physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

• Improves proprioception, developing a sense of body positioning          relative to surrounding space.

• Helps in developing self-calming techniques.

• Improves breath awareness.


What does a typical class for kids look like?

• Yoga classes for kids are typically held once a week and are usually 30-60 minutes long.

• Students will experience yoga in an interactive, dynamic class designed to increase self-awareness and focus. In kids yoga we create an adventure designed to actively engage each child. We might travel to a different country or planet, walk on the ocean floor or tour the Amazon Rainforest. Students will participate in yoga games that promote cooperation and encourage group involvement. Each class ends with a dedicated circle/relaxation time to allow for individual reflection.